Photo Retouching

Coca-Cola Sensation Graphics Bottle Photo Retouching
The client had flat artwork of the new Sensation Graphics label, but no labels had been printed.  They needed the new label to be added to this existing photo of a Coke bottle.  I curved the label to fit the bottle and used various Photoshop techniques keep the ice and water on the new label.

Coca-Cola on ice originaloriginal

Coca-Cola on ice retouchedretouched


SocketLug Photo Retouching
I removed the dings and imperfections in the product using Photoshop’s smudge and blur tools to make it presentable for use in an ad.

SocketLock Originaloriginal

SocketLock Retouchedretouched


Panda Panda Chef Retouching
Panda Panda restaurant wanted to use a photo of a Panda Express chef (same company using different brands). I changed the chef’s uniform.

Panda Express Cheforiginal

Panda Panda Chefretouched


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