image editing

Coca-Cola military vending machine panel

Photos representing the branches of the military, the American flag, and a bottle of Coke on ice were combined for this illuminated panel which went on vending machines located on military bases.


Living Extreme magazine ad

A location photo of a rider wearing a strait jacket was combined with stock photography of the Grand Canyon and a rocky cliff to create this crazy scenario.


Call of Duty video game parody

This image of the popular video game Call of Duty was altered for a humorous Photoshop contest. The theme of the contest was “Make a Video Game Boring”.


Upper Deck Randy Johnson ‘Breaking Thru’ Collectible

A photo of a ball of flame was enhanced and placed behind the baseball to creatively represent the speed of Randy Johnson’s fast ball.  The background was darkened to add contrast to the effect.  The baseball is an actual MLB baseball that protrudes through the glass frame.


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