Digital Art

Upper Deck Mickey Mantle ‘Artistic Impressions’ Collectible
Various filters were applied in Photoshop to achieve an oil paint effect to this classic photo.  The Yankee Stadium background was changed to a monochromatic blue for increased contrast.  This collectible is a gicleé on canvas print.

Mickey Mantle Artistic Impressions


LeBron James ‘Photo-To-Art’ Collectible
A stroboscopic photo is combined with mechanical and organic forms to create a unique background for this gicleé on canvas collectible.

LeBron James Photo-to-Art


Tribal Man
Stock photography was used to create this symmetrical combination of primitive elements with technical graphics.

New Tribal Man


Mandala 3592
One of many works of digital art available on my website.  This symmetrical artwork was created in Photoshop using my abstract photography and scans of my abstract painting.

Mandala 3592


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