Bicycle Myriad Playing Card Set

The Bicycle® Myriad Playing Card Set contains 4 custom decks of playing cards with 4 different color designs.  The 4 decks are used together to play new and interesting variations of classic card games using 4 color suits in addition to the 4 traditional suits.


game box with the 4 custom tuck boxes


all 16 Kings in the set showing the 16 color and traditional suit combinations


the 8 Jokers
These Jokers are used as Wild Cards, but remain the same Color Suit.


the 4 Cut Cards and the 4 Blank Cards

The fronts and backs of the cards are shown.  The Cut Cards have the Rider Back in metallic gold and white.  The Blank Cards have the metallic gold and black Rider Back like the rest of the Set.  The Blank Cards can be used to create replacements for lost cards.


all of the components in the Bicycle Myriad Playing Card Set